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Lincol Oil Company, based between Grimsby and Immingham, the UK’s busiest ports and at the heart of the River Humber, ideally situated to service the lubrication needs of the wind turbine and coastal shipping industries.

Lincol Oil Company can supply Mobil, Castrol, Shell, Total and Fuchs products and works in partnership with these companies to promote a wide range of lubricants specifically manufactured to give long term protection for wind turbines, wind farm support and crew transfer vessels.

Lincol Oil Company has been supplying lubricating oil and grease since 1906 and having spent considerable time researching the wind turbine and marine industries we feel we are able to offer a complete and professional package, including the transfer of bulk lubricants to the vessels to the full technical back up for the relevant engineers and also the supply of bespoke equipment for the transfer of speciality oils and  greases to the gear boxes in wind turbines.

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